Christmas From Around the World

December 18, 2013

Champagne and Caviar

Bubbles At Shutters

Where can you find France, Germany and Denmark in one city?

Los Angeles, of course. And what better time to take a mini trip around the world then Christmas? You’ll get the delights of Europe in December-without having to leave the sun.

Christmas Yule Log


A donut. A croissant. And a little bit of Eggnog. What’s this, you ask? Let’s put it all together- eggnog Cronut, and yes, it is just as delicious as it sounds.

Jean-Louis Kippelen, of Caprice Fine French Pastries, has mastered the art of creating the perfect holiday pastry. His French bakery offers many selections this holiday season, Buche De Noel (Yule Log) with Grand Mariner, mincemeat pie, and a Christmas tree of cream puffs commonly called Croquembouche. But oh, how tempting is the eggnog Cronut.



Did you know the world had a 1st Christmas cookie? It’s true! That cookie’s name is Lebkuchen. And yes, you can find it in Venice (California), on Abbot Kinney, at a café called Rockenwagner.

Hans Rockenwagner, storeowner, offers many desserts straight from Germany. Spekulaitus cookies are very thin and very crunchy, and it’s been rumored these are the very 1st animal crackers. Basler Leckerli, which originated 700 years ago, is another German holiday dessert. Basler Leckerli is a spiced bar with licorice flavors, apparently, before nativity sets were all the rage, bakers used rollers to print nativity scenes on these sweet treats.


Orange Cookies Dipped in Chocolate


Traditionally the Danish have a Christmas staple, a cookie. But not just one cookie, in fact, it is a plethora of different flavors, colors and shapes. The constant? The crisp crunch each cookie has when bitten into, a perfect compliment to a cup of tea.

Copenhagen Pastry is Culver City’s first authentic Danish pastry shop. It’s impossible to ignore owner Karen Hansen’s thick Danish accent as she describes the cinnamon (topped with real cinnamon and almonds!), vanilla, orange (dipped in chocolate!) and ginger cookies she is offering this holiday season.


Chev Sven Makes Gingerbread Men


No trip around the world is complete without a stop By The Blue Sea, located in the heart of Santa Monica, where Pico Blvd. meets Ocean Way. Watch as Chef Sven Mede makes his favorite dessert, the classic gingerbread man.

Tis’ the season to enjoy yourself glamorously guilt-free. #UnwindETC

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