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June 6, 2012

Spotted in SM

In the Studio with Kate Register

Losing control of a traditional skateboard is fear enough for many wobble worriers to pass on the activity. But with the Zboard’s stop and go pressure sensors, the  thought of flying off or twisting an ankle disappears. In fact, you’ll be too busy cruising down the street, the wind in your face, and your feet securely on your board, to have any bad thoughts at all!



Zboards are more than motorized skateboards, they are mood lifting, eye catching cruise machines!  Don’t be surprised by the many onlookers and spectators stopping to get a glimpse of the board (and the person riding it) when you cruise through your neighborhood, along the boardwalk or even up hills. These boards not only travel fast (up to 17mph) they are going fast too, with preorders flooding in. To learn more and to purchase your own ZBoard visit


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