Happy Birthday Yayoi Kusama!

March 20, 2014

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Romantic fact: Seahorses mate for life.

Astonishing fact: Seahorses are the only animal species on Earth in which the male carries the unborn!

It is only fitting that one of the most interesting and innovative female artists of the 20th century has immortalized these curious creatures with her renowned screen print “Seahorses” (1989) that hangs in the Grand Salon next to the Grand Piano at Shutters on the Beach.

Artist, Yayoi Kusama, moved to NYC in the 1960’s and became a leader in the avant-garde movement. She was close friends with Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keeffe and became famous for her repeating dot patterns and her room-sized, freestanding installations that elaborately included mirrors, lights and piped-in music.

Despite her success in the U.S. she moved back to Japan in the 70’s and found herself under an enormous amount of pressure and stress. She voluntarily entered the Seiwa Hospital for the Mentally Ill and set up a studio in the hospital, creating hundreds of pieces of work.

She still lives in Seiwa Hospital but has not stopped working. Yayoi Kusama collaborated with Louis Vitton in 2012 for her celebrated dotted collection. She also sold a painting for $5.1 million a few years ago, setting a record among female artists.

Kusama’s 85th birthday is Saturday, March 22nd. Celebrate by stopping at Shutters on the Beach for dinner, a cocktail and to marvel at the famous work of a complicated and talented icon.

Shutters on the Beach also features Malcolm Morley’s “Untitled #1 (Flags)” lithograph, Robert Motherwell’s ‘The Basque Suite’ color silkscreen, Richard Hamilton’s ‘My Marilyn’ silkscreen as well as many others. To view the full collection of Shutters Art please click here or visit Shutters on the Beach to see firsthand!

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