Hiking, Biking, & Spiking

December 6, 2013


Beat the Movie Craze!

It’s December.  But you’re on vacation on the Pacific coast. Literally, on the coast, like 20 feet away from the water. And you’re not supposed to swim? Suspicions arise that you might not have vacationed to the beach, to swim in the ocean.

Now that you are in Santa Monica (or hopefully on your way here) try these beachy ideas on for size.

BIKING – Nothing says a long leisurely ride up or down the coast like an electric bicycle.  The Izip Store located on 2803 Main Street not only has the best selection of electric bikes but also the most helpful customer service we’ve seen anywhere this side of the 405.

Imagine a bike that can take you farther than your lungs have ever let you go before.  We suggest starting at the boardwalk in front of Casa del Mar. Turn left and start pedaling. At least until you pass Muscle Beach. You can’t, and wouldn’t want to, miss the fit men and women climbing the ropes and doing gymnastics (just to motivate you to keep pedaling). Depending on you’re the strength of your battery (chargeable just like an I-Phone plugged into a wall) or the strength of your legs, your e-bike can take you from 12 to 30 miles. Let it do some, all, or none of the work. Just remember, you might have to pedal your way back!

HIKING – Pacific Palisades own (because why wouldn’t they have their own hiking trail) is one of LA’s finest and most popular hikes, Temescal Canyon. Don’t mistake the popularity for too many tourists. You might run in to a few people, but who wouldn’t want to run into healthy, like-minded people?

See you later Match.com!

As far as vacation hikes go, Point Dume shouldn’t be missed. The hike is accessible and friendly, although not to dogs, so make sure to leave the pups at the hotel.

SPIKING – So you are an active person but solo sports bore you?  How about a little friendly competition in the sand.  Throw down your thus far unused beach towel next to the Santa Monica Pier, bring a friend and try out one of LA County’s ubiquitous public volleyball courts.  There are 18 courts located just North and South of that famous Ferris Wheel.  Most courts are on a first come, first served basis but if you’re planning ahead there is a number to call to reserve the court of your choosing.

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