In the Studio with Kate Register

June 6, 2012

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The daily journey of the sun dictates the time by which we set our clocks and go about our lives. For artist Kate Register, the rising and setting of the sun provides inspiration for her life’s work and passion. Her simple, yet striking paintings of horizons take the viewer to places far and wide, from remote villages in Vietnam to the Thar Desert of India. Register’s personal journeys are reflected in her captivating paintings, which have caught the attention of art enthusiasts from coast to coast.

Kate Register

You are known for your moving paintings of horizons. What is it about this subject that captures your interest?

In the largest sense, the horizon line represents infinite hope. When painting, a horizon divides a canvas in half. I love to play with this dichotomy. Something on the top, something on the bottom; the yin yang, the polarities of man and woman, where water meets the sky and earth meets the air. The differences and coexistence is exciting to me.

Zipolite Sun

You have traveled all over the world from Vietnam and Ireland, to Norway and India, just to name a few of your countless destinations. Was there one place you felt most connected to? What stop is next on your list?

There is no one particular place I’ve been drawn to again and again in my travels. I like to visit new places each time. This summer I will be exploring the Dalmatian Coast. Like my approach to my painting, I like to travel with a sense of intuition and little planning. I love the adventure and excitement of what will be around the next corner….

Land Scape

Do you paint your horizons on location or in your studio?

I paint in my studio. I like to be working on three paintings at once and then sometimes three watercolors at that time too. While one layer is drying, I’m picking up the next work. It takes a lot of energy, but it keeps my painting loose and open.


Your father, John Register, was a famed painter as well. How has his work and passion influenced your art and your life?

It was almost humorous how many times I drove across the country moving from the East and West Coast. My father got most of his subject matter from these trips. We would hit the road at the crack of dawn and when the shadows were longest, my father would be perched on the sidewalk photographing telephone booths or light streaming across a laundromat. As a kid I wondered…what is he doing? I loved my father’s sense of adventure and his vision that he translated so clearly and beautifully onto the canvas. He gave me a deep appreciation for subtlety and nuance for color.

Warm Land

Where is the best place to view the horizon in Los Angeles?

I take a six mile loop everyday that takes me down to the beach from my house in Rustic Canyon. It truly inspires me to witness the light and weather down there on a daily basis.

The Sea Shore


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