Janet Echelman Interview

September 27, 2013

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Where the Sun Meets the Sand at Pico and Ocean Way

Santa Monica’s semi-annual festival of illuminated art, GLOW, returns to the beach this Saturday, September 28th!  Among the prestigious group of International artists contributing to the event is illumination artist, Janet Echelman, who is providing the night’s keynote piece.  Ranked #1 in O, The Oprah Magazine’s Wow List, Echelman’s light sculptures are transforming public spaces in innovative ways.  This TED Talker’s latest work, “The Space Between Us” is currently in progress on the sand outside of Casa del Mar!  We were lucky enough to sit down with Echelman for a short Q&A session regarding this remarkable project.

CASA: How did you get involved with GLOW Santa Monica?

JE: More than a year ago I was invited to submit a letter of interest. What completely drew me into this was the ability to use the beach as part of my work and the chance to collaborate with the guys who run the bulldozers and back hoes.

CASA: How do you think festivals like GLOW are changing the way we experience art?

JE: Glow makes it possible to do things as an artist that could not happen at any other time.

CASA: How is this piece different from your previous work?

JE: As an artist, I am always looking to experiment and push beyond what I have done before. GLOW offered me a chance to do that. The fact that this is ephemeral – lasting for just one night- is so compelling to me. It is a chance for me to try an experimental work.

CASA: Are there any other new elements in “The Space Between Us” that are new to you?

JE: This is the first time I have incorporated audio in my work, integrating it with the dynamic illumination. It is also a unique opportunity to be able to accept a viewing environment out of sand.

CASA: What is the most fascinating part of this project to you?

JE: I was hooked at the first trial run with sharing the sand. I burrowed into the mind facing the ocean and realized it was the first time I was looking out at sea level, the foam in line with my eyes.

GLOW is an all-night celebration of interactive art that takes place Saturday, September 28 on Santa Monica Beach from 7PM to 3AM.  For more information check out the Official GLOW Website and be sure to follow @CasadelMar for exclusive GLOW updates!

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