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February 14, 2014

La Dolce Dolce Vita at One Pico

Independent Spirit on the Sand

We’ve been scouring our neighborhood for the best-pressed juice spot, and we finally found it! Located on Pico Blvd in Santa Monica sits the locals favored juice shop, Rejuice. We stopped in for a surprise visit to see what the hype is all about.

The owners, Elizabeth Rohm, whom you may know from Law & Order and American Hustle, and her husband, master juicer, Ron Anthony, opened their Santa Monica Rejuice location a little over a year ago. They are committed to delivering locally grown organic vegan food, juices and smoothies.

Ron has been juicing for over 20 years, he worked with Harvard professors on the benefits of juicing- from providing more energy to better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. The possibilities are endless.

The method of cold pressed juice is the most popular among juicing connoisseurs. Fruits and vegetables are first crushed together and then pressed. Because the pressing doesn’t produce much heat, the majority of nutrients are kept intact. The difference is seen as well as tasted, some juices appear frothy while the cold pressed juices retain a thicker, darker hue.

Our Visit to Rejuice

We had been forewarned that Rejuice was consistently busy, so when we walked in, it was no surprise to wait a few minutes for our turn. Before we ordered, we listened- we learned what juices to mix together, the amount of protein in kale, we watched as samples of almond milk were given out. The mood was lighthearted.

We learned that Rejuice uses local farmers from Oxnard to San Diego. They deliver their fruits and vegetables, fresh, every day. Rejuice cold presses their juices throughout each day and runs out each night.

Rejuice Has a Delicious Organic Food Menu Too

To view Rejuice’s menu please visit their website.

Rejuice delivers to Coast Beach Café & Bar daily. The juices are so popular that Coast sells out on most days by 11 am. To learn more about Coast Beach Café & Bar’s breakfast juices please visit their website.

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