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March 19, 2014

A Toast to Women in Wine

Happy Birthday Yayoi Kusama!

There is always something happening on the food and beverage scene where Pico Boulevard meets Ocean Way in Santa Monica. Live entertainment, craft cocktails and foodie fantasies come to life thanks to the By the Blue Sea Restaurants’ team led by Managing Chef Sven Mede.

These five (soon to be six) popular eating and drinking establishments within about 300 feet of each other are each unique yet share one important detail – endless views of the Pacific Ocean.

Whether you are a vegetarian, a carnivore or a seafood lover you can find it all at Of course you can hit that link and book your reservations on line … BUT WAIT! Why don’t you try something a little Old School? Tap any of the ten digits below on your favorite touch screen and chat with one of our one-stop reservationists (yes actual human beings) who are sitting in the middle of all this beach-y culinary action.

The professionals on this blog.dynamic reservations team are all experts at making arrangements for the best tables for any size party from ‘I don’t feel like cooking for myself tonight’ to a girls’ night out. The reservationists can even share details of each dish on each menu and, although they haven’t tried all the drinks (thank goodness), they elaborate on the wide variety of craft cocktails and award-winning wine lists on both sides of the street.

How well do these reservations’ agents know their venues? Ask these two:

Meet Kate. Kate has been in the restaurant industry since she was nine when she started helping out in her mother’s Italian restaurant. As time passed, she ended up running the restaurant alongside her mother. Believe it or not, Kate had her first date with her husband at Shutters on the Beach and later had her wedding at Casa del Mar. Talk about knowing an operation from the inside out!

Or say hello to Alexis. Alexis is a native of Venice. She spent her childhood on California’s coast and is intent on staying nearby forever. She is no stranger to the food and beverage scene on the Westside, having worked and frequented competitors in the area. She is uniquely qualified to help you understand WHY the best restaurants in Santa Monica are BY the Blue Sea Restaurants; One Pico, Coast and Catch.

Alexis knows every table, every menu item and can recommend the perfect restaurant for you very quickly.

Each agent trained extensively in all of the outlets, working side by side with the kitchen crew and service staff on every shift.

“The idea to assemble this team was a simple one”, says Simon Sorpresi, Director of Operations of Shutters on the Beach. “Sven and I wanted to make a one-stop shop for all of these restaurants that are literally a stone’s throw from each other in either Shutters or Casa del Mar. Giving our customers more options to suit their needs and making it easy to book, just makes sense.”

“The response has been extremely positive,” shares Kate. “We are constantly getting thank you emails. It’s actually really sweet. Being behind the scenes there’s no way for us to know if our customers are happy, unless they tell us,” Kate laughs, “and fortunately they do.”



EAT? DRINK? MEET? VIEW? Let our team assist!

One Pico- 310-587-1717

Coast Beach Café & Bar- 310-587-1707

Catch American Seafood- 310-581-7714

The dedicated reservationists for By The Blue Sea Restaurant handle inquiries large and small for One Pico Restaurant, Coast Beach Cafe and Bar, Catch American Seafood, The Living Room at Shutters and The Lounge at Casa. The reservations’ line is open Mon.-Fri. 10:00 am – 8:30 pm, Sat. 10:30-7:00 pm, and Sun. 10:00 am – 6:30 pm.

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