Salsa! An Inside View into the Hottest Music & Dance Part II

July 15, 2013

Salsa! An Inside View into the Hottest Music & Dance, Part I

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Dancing Salsa | Making the Connection
Some people just dance. Counting the music, learning the steps, and thinking about the history feels artificial to them. These are typically people who were reared on the music and connect to it naturally or those who just want to let loose. Ultimately, some of the main goals of salsa dancing are to

If you have these four connections down, you are off to a good start. Even if you don’t, have some fun and fake it until you make it.

Feeling the music is essential, but most of the very best dancers and musicians do not see learning about the music and feeling it as mutually exclusive. They do both. Some dance styles, especially ones with lighter leads and occasional breaks in contact between the partners, require a common interpretation of the music and movement. These styles have their own dialect, which is typically taught. One advantage of learning a specific dialect is that you can travel the world and have amazing connections with people who understand it.

Dancing Salsa | Etiquette and Tips

If you are looking to try Salsa dancing for the first time, here are a few ideas to keep in mind:


Finding Your Salsa Groove| Outdoor Salsa Venues in and near Westside Los Angeles

Los Angeles is notorious for its beautiful weather. Below is a list of outdoor venues where you can listen to pure salsa or an occasional salsa song in the midst of Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz music. Where there is pure salsa music, there are almost always salsa dancers. Check the schedules and read about the bands to see what kind of music they play. Afro-Cuban music is the heart of salsa, but includes many genres. Latin jazz also spans a variety of music types.

3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Salsa Sundays, Deejay —  mostly plays Salsa.


For event updates:

Just looking for salsa events, inside or out, in SouthernCalifornia?

Looking for information about all outdoor concerts inLA?

Looking for general information about what is happening in LA?

Additional Resources

Son Clave & the Clave Rhythm Stream: Introduction, Salsa & Merengue Society


Rebeca Mauleón, Salsa Guidebook for Piano & Ensemble, 1993

Howard Goodall, “How Music Works,” TV Episode

State of New Jersey, Department of State, New Jersey State Council on the Arts & National Endowment of Arts, “Salsa/Mambo History -Palladium Era-Golden Age of Dance,” Appeared on NJN Public Television

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