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February 17, 2017

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A time of reawakening.

Spring is around the corner, temperatures are on the rise, and at Shutters on the Beach and Casa del Mar, we are embracing our wellness in the spirit of the season.

From nutrition to yoga, here are our top tips for achieving your wellness goals this spring. (Hint: It is easier with an ocean view.)

Wellness Retreats

Vacations are no longer a time for letting go, but a time for embracing wellness and solidifying a routine to take home with you. Cold-pressed juices, healthy cuisine, new fitness offerings… It is all at your fingertips and can be incorporated into your time relaxing oceanside.

Clean Eats

Superfoods seem to change with each season as we learn more about healthy ingredients and the benefits they provide. For spring, we recommend black garlic (like standard garlic but twice the antioxidants), mushrooms (used medicinally around the world), and avocado oil (light in flavor but packed with vitamins and magnesium).

We also like healthy tonics over sugary vitamin waters, more plant protein powders like pea and hemp used in snacks and smoothies, and juicing with fresh fruit and vegetables to detoxify and give you an ethereal seasonal glow. (Go green in your juicing with ingredients such as kale, spinach, celery, and green apples, or try something unconventional like cucumbers, lemons, and cayenne pepper.)

And for dieters, Keto is currently one of the most talked-about diets with a high-fat, low-sugar intake plan that trains the body to rely on fat instead of glucose for increased energy levels and muscle mass.

Spa Benefits

As with yoga and meditation, many spa guests are now looking at mental and physical benefits in addition to indulgence. From reduced anxiety to improved circulation, spa treatments today are designed both to soothe and rejuvenate.

You can start the season at Shutters and Casa with one of our spring spa packages, offered Monday through Friday in March and April. At ONE Spa, partake in ONE’s Spring (including ONE Tan, Light Touch Mani, Low Tide Pedi, complimentary valet parking, and a glass of sparkling wine) or Break ONE (60-minute massage, 60-minute Hydropeptide Facial, and complimentary valet parking). And at Sea Wellness Spa, delight in the “Just Treat Yourself” package (60-minute massage or facial, use of the pool, and complimentary valet parking).

Health-Inspired Gatherings

Juice bar crawls and festivals that showcase music and meditation together are among some of our favorite wellness gatherings sans alcohol that have become popular in Southern California. Many nearby restaurants and bars are also offering more nonalcoholic drinks, like the cold-pressed juices and smoothies at Coast and Terrazza (try the watermelon-mint juice), making it possible to enjoy yourself in a social setting while limiting alcohol intake.

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