Sun Out, Top Down

August 30, 2012

Sink Your Teeth into This

Rose Avenue Renaissance

When it comes to California weather, year round blue skies and warm temperatures make convertibles a good choice anytime of year. As The Vehiclist, I am frequently asked about which convertible is best, but that is tough to answer. There are as many choices as there are opportunities here in L.A, and I am a firm believer that whenever possible, you should match your ride to the occasion. So what follows is a small run down of some amazing and fun convertibles perfect for a L.A. weekend.



And you thought the regular Cooper was small. Yes, there is a Convertible Cooper which you’ve probably seen, but this convertible is based on the sportier Roadster, which means no back seat – offering a rare case of taking away something but getting more. Starting at 28K, you get 181 Hp of pure enthusiast fun. Tossable, playful and rowdy, this is the choice for zipping around town and needing to park easily.


The AUDI A5 Cabriolet

Starting at 42K, there is just something classy about this open roof model. The sinewy and muscular lines mean business, and the abundant coddling features say luxury. Yet this convertible is not all grown up. It is still quite peppy and sports a four cylinder engine that goes like crazy without any fuss while providing lots of style. Perfect for a quick jaunt up to Malibu, you’ll look the part instantly.



The E Class Convertible is as ubiquitous to Beverly Hills streets as the bicycle is to Jakarta, and the reason is clear. Nothing else tells people you’ve arrived (and are looking for a good time) like this machine. Starting at 57K, this luxurious, yet not stuffy looker buys you more than just a nice set of wheels. It gets you something the French call Entre – the immediate acceptance by doormen and valets alike. It is easily the right car for Rodeo drive this weekend.



What other convertible gives you the unique opportunity to smile smugly knowing that you aren’t contributing to L.A.’s smog while going 0 – 60 in 3.7 seconds? This fully electric car has only room for you and a friend, but the smiles will be contagious to all who see you. There is just about nothing closer to driving a go kart available – albeit one that moves in a pretty sophisticated crowd. For the true California effect, take it over Mulholland road through the twist and turns of the canyons and just try not to smile. Heck, you’ll be giggling the whole way.


The VW Beetle Cabriolet

Although not actually out yet, it will be here soon. And what could be more California than a convertible Bug? Retro and modern at the same time, affordable and premium – this is an irresistible combination to Angelenos. This little cruiser oozes style, and with the wind in your hair, this is the perfect choice for hitting the shops on Melrose or vintage shopping in Silver Lake. German quality, oodles of panache and a go get ‘em engine sum this drive up in one word: fun.

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