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May 13, 2014

All About Rosé Wines for the Summer

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Whether you consider yourself a flower aficionado, a devotee of beauty or a lover of someone who deserves a gift with or without reason, do something different this year. Stay away from the long lines at the bound-to-be-busy corporate cookie cutter flower shops and take a trip to this local Santa Monica boutique.

Just for you, we’ve found a true gem (for those that won’t be giving actual gems). Introducing The Language of Flowers. They not only just sell flowers but also offer something truly unique, an experience of elegance and romance.

Each Valentine’s Day, The Language of Flowers offers custom, hand tailored flower bouquets with arrangements that will delight even the most spoiled flower recipients.

“No two arrangements are the same. It makes for quite an interesting experience,” said Emily, the owner. Immediately upon entering Emily’s boutique, customers are enveloped in the care and deliberate consideration she has put into her space. Sweet words adorn the walls of her quaint shop: ‘Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First’, ‘It is at the Edge of the Petal that Love Waits’. Love and pleasure hang in the air.

Her warmth is absolutely infectious. Emily greets with a smile, that never leaves her face… unless it is to recall a trip she took to South America and her decision not to use the farm she visited. She spoke of boxed, frozen roses that are sold at chain grocery stores and why they only last two days after purchase.

Upon admitting ignorance of the detailed process of farming roses and the conditions of the farms, she sweetly said, “Well why would anyone know? I only know because it is what I do!” It was here that she introduced Veriflora, and the amazing work they are doing.

The Veriflora Certified Sustainably Grown labels guarantee that flowers and plants have been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and with high standards.

Veriflora certifies integrated pest management and reduced dependence on pesticides, so you can feel additionally pleased knowing they are committed to lowering risks to the environment and to workers.

The growers observe practices aimed at increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste and protecting water resources, while ensuring fair labor practices. The certification process involves independent audits of growers’ facilities, in-depth interviews and detailed documentation reviews.

From the Oregon coast down to California, these flowers are raised on salt air, surrounded by mountains, lulled to sleep by the sea. These living gifts are bound to please. They are delivered fresh and never frozen. If work has you tied down from vacationing this year, if it’s too early for the diamond, give a gift that is both truly treasured and well-traveled, something one of a kind for someone just the same.

Emily warns her arrangements for Valentine’s Day sell out quickly, as it’s just her and Freida creating the boutiques – making them all the more special. Call your specialty order in early to guarantee your purchase.

The Language of Flowers

726 Montana Ave.

Santa Monica, CA 90403

Tel: 310 395-3303


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