The Wine Buzz: Chenin Blanc

August 1, 2012

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With its alluring scents, various flavors and lingering finishes it is easy to understand why wine is a dining staple, an always appreciated party gift and a must-have for romantic evenings. With an assortment of blends, old wines, new wines, and yes, even bad wines on the market, finding the perfect bottle for the right occasion can be tricky. Don’t settle for the pricey wine that fails to impress, find the one that people are talking about, that is the best in its class and that will have your friends convinced that oenology is in your genes. Here to help you navigate through the red, the white and the rose is the Wine Buzz.

What People are buzzing about:  Chenin Blanc

Sam Howzit

The last “official month of summer” continues the buzz-factor for refreshing wines, and currently nothing is hotter on either coast than Chenin Blanc.  Now, if you’re asking “Chenin who?” don’t worry, it is not exactly mainstream on this side of the pond. But Florence and the Machine are drinking it…after the shows I am sure.


Many years ago it was exclusive to the Loire Valley, but now it is grown everywhere from Long Island to the Western Cape of Australia. Chenin Blanc is light, crisp and refreshing, but not as “fruit forward” as its Sauvignon Blanc cousin. Check out Domaine des Baumard on the high end (about $60) and Graham Beck’s “Gamekeeper’s Reserve” from Australia for under $25.  Both are terrific in their own right, and are a wonderful way to wind down your summer.



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