The Wine Buzz

March 3, 2012

Spotted in SM: Life’s a Circus

Just What the Doctor Ordered

With its alluring scents, various flavors and lingering finishes it is easy to understand why wine is a dining staple, an always appreciated party gift and a must-have for romantic evenings. With an assortment of blends, old wines, new wines, and yes, even bad wines on the market, finding the perfect bottle for the right occasion can be tricky. Don’t settle for the pricey wine that fails to impress, find the one that people are talking about, that is the best in its class and that will have your friends convinced that oenology is in your genes. Here to help you navigate through the red, the white and the rose is the Wine Buzz.

Jack Newton

What people are buzzing about: Zinfandel.

Naotake Murayama

Zinfandel (as far as we know) is the only grape indigenous to California.  It is a big grape that is packed with amazing flavors. So much so that a Zinfandel is currently the #12 rated wine in the world. Zinfandels are very approachable, very drinkable and do not necessarily need food to stand up to them. Favorites include Orin Swift’s “The Prisoner” for about $30, and the aforementioned #12 wine: Seghesio for about $20. The Seghesios really pioneered Zinfandel, so all of their Zins are amazing.



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