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March 31, 2014

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Planning and organization are crucial to seamless vacationing. From the moment your tickets are purchased to the second your Emilio Pucci dress is folded into your favorite suitcase, things must fall in line just as smoothly as your plane’s wheels kissing the runway after landing. Technology has made antiquities of your once beloved (yet cumbersome!) carry-ons. Use the following travel apps to guarantee your opportunity for the perfect vacation.

The Converted by Ideon ( $2.99) Considered the ultimate in conversion apps, you’ll never leave home, especially the country, without it. This app converts Fahrenheit to Celsius, miles to kilometers and most currencies. You do the math…or just use the app!

Gate Guru (Free) Tired of toggling? Ever wish you had ONE place to view your entire itinerary? Here it is…and so much more. Reserve a rental car at a bottom-barrel rate while effortlessly locating the Starbucks closest to your departing gate. Ever wonder how many miles you have traveled? It can tell you that, too.

AwayFind (Free) Everyone has that guy/girl – the one who abuses the Cc button. You see every “hello,” “thank you” and “goodbye”. You may be on vacation, but your phone is still working. Alert. Alert. Alert. There’s a way to decrease those fervent Cc’ers. AwayFind allows you to customize which emails you see on your phone – i.e. your biggest client makes the cut, but Bob in HR is silenced – at least for this week.

Packing Pro ($2.99) – If you’re a list-making lover, you need this app. Remind yourself what to pack, when to pack, how to pack. Busy travelers swear by it. The app’s Expert List Assistant creates packing lists based on the number of adults, children and days of travel. It also takes into account temperature, destination, food preparation and laundry preferences. If the sample list isn’t good enough, customize your own. After all, sometimes you need a reminder… for a reminder.

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